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What is payment gateway?

Payment gateway is a party that connects merchants with banks / sources of funds. This way, the merchants can accept payments via credit cards, direct payments, electronic money, etc.

Who is ESPAY and PT. Pembayaran Lintas Usaha Sukses?

“Espay” is a payment platform brand built based on our commitment to provide easy payment service solutions for our partners.

  1. Pembayaran Lintas Usaha Sukses (PLUS) is a company registered in Bank Indonesia with license as a Payment Gateway Provider according to the letter from Bank Indonesia No. 20/374/DKSP/Srt/B dated October 15, 2018. PT PLUS provides a comprehensive payment receiving solution for all levels of businesses, corporate, SME, retail and individual through a complete payment channel from credit cards, banks, outlets, and cash agents. PT PLUS also provides a solution to distribute funds (cash out) both to bank accounts and cash, automatically and in an integrated manner.
Who can use payment gateway?

Those who can use payment gateways include individuals, institutions and corporations of various types of industries and business models.

How to join Espay?
  1. Own a business / activity that is in compliance with applicable laws and the terms & conditions
  2. Fill the PKS (Agreement Letter) form, and collect the required legal documents
  3. Espay conducts due diligence and approval
  4. Integrating the Espay API
  5. Testing process through the sandbox
  6. LIVE
How much does the Espay Payment Gateway service cost?
  1. Free registration fee
  2. Free monthly fees
  3. Without minimum transactions
  4. Fees are only charged per successful transaction based on transaction volume and risk (credit cards starting from 2.2% MDR + Rp. 3000, – fixed fee), virtual accounts starting from Rp. 2000, -, and electronic money starting from 0,7% MDR
How long is the process from registration all the way to live?

There are two things that prospective merchants must do:

  1. Administration & Legality

  – Completing administrative requirements and legality

  – Espay will conduct due diligence and check the completeness of documents to ensure that prospective merchants meet the requirements and have identified the risks, which will take approximately 2 to 3 working days.

  – Espay and merchant sign the Agreement Letter on stamp duty

  – If you meet the requirements, Espay will activate the merchant

  1. Technical matters

– Merchants integrate using the available APIs, or plug-ins

– Merchants make sandbox requests to the Espay team

– Testing API using sandbox

If the administrative and technical processes have been completed, the payment gateway is ready for use.

What plug-ins are available at Espay?

Check it here.

Can Espay support SDK for Android / IOS?

Yes we can, the SDK can be downloaded in the API document.

Has Espay obtained a license from Bank Indonesia?

Espay has obtained a license from Bank Indonesia as a Payment System Service Provider with Number 20/39/DKSP-GP2SP/Srt/ B issued on 15 October 2018.

When will payment be received by the Merchant?

Espay provides two methods of receiving funds, namely Aggregator and Direct.

  1. The Aggregator method allows the Merchant to provide one bank account to receive payments from all available payment channels. Funds will first be received by Espay, then after a reconciliation of T+ 3 working days, they will be settled to the merchant’s account.
  2. The Direct Method requires the Merchant to open a bank account for each chosen channel and enter into an agreement directly with the bank that owns the channel. Funds will be immediately credited by the bank that owns the channel. The time required until Live is longer depending on the agreement of each bank, and the minimum monthly transaction target.

How ESPAY provides a solution for you?

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